HG Orthodontics Marketing Video

This past week Chris went out and filmed  a marketing video for HG Orthodontics’s website and YouTube channel. He spent the afternoon interviewing patients and filming the process of how orthodontics all works. We were contracted by an ad agency to produce the ad for HG and were so happy to have been able to be a part of their marketing plan. Molly, who is the HG marketing director and on site contact, was great to work with. She had everything streamlined and had the students that we interviewed ready to go. Both Dr Holly Grimslid and Dr. Brandon Knapp were great when it came to being in front of the camera and making the students feel at ease while having the teeth done and filmed at the same time. Not only were these students willing to relax at the ortho, but they were really cooperative when it came time for their interview after getting their teeth looked at.  Media Works provides our service to many national marketing companies for projects like these that work with many client around the Mid West.

If you’re interested in their services or watching the marketing video click the link: http://www.hgorthodontics.com service areas.