As a company, if you have your website on the web you’re ahead of the game. Consumers are online shoppers, looking for convenience and easy clicking. What’s next? After you’ve created your website, now what?

You’ll need to focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content. Google dominates our minds when we think of search engines, but who comes second to mind? Yahoo? Bing? You’d be surprised to know that YouTube is actually the second most commonly used search engine. And who happens to own YouTube, but none other than Google themselves. Surprising right? Since YouTube and Google are in correlation to each other, when consumers are searching online for your services, the first videos that will pop up on screen will surely come from YouTube.

What are some perks of creating videos over blog posts you may be asking yourself?

Well, the reality is, in today’s world not everyone is looking for reading material and by creating videos of your company, showcasing what products or services you offer, you’re exposing yourself to a whole new genre of people. These people are part of a mobile generation as well, where videos can be viewed on all sorts of platforms, like smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc. These videos can also give you credit behind your business as being human. Too many companies have computer programs answering their calls, providing a video with you in it helps your potential customers know you are real and ready to help them. 

There are different kinds of videos your company can showcase towards the public as well. 

Testimonials are great if you’re a company that has had loyal and satisfied customers. If you have them, then why not share those happy experiences with others? A majority of the time people would prefer hearing “real people” stories, which help build credibility. 

Tutorials are great if you’re company has a service that isn’t necessarily physically tangible. When you need to describe how a machine/camera/service works, you’ll be able to do that with this kind of video.

Product Demonstrations are great if you’re trying to show your product to consumers on how it works. Taking pictures can only go so far when demonstrating a product, but when you can pair it with a video, people are able to see what’s going on in motion. 

These are all great options when looking for a way to showcase your company on SEO videos. We are a company that is able to help you grow in that aspect if you don’t have the time or creative ideas to create one on your own.